Project Description


Design & durability

During the tests, it was impossible to resist the impression that the inflamed fire pit resembles a volcanic eruption. This is how the “Volcano” model was created. The fire pit is made of massive steel of the highest quality, so that it can be used for several years. There are two steel versions to choose from: the 4 mm basic version and the 6 mm strong version. Regardless of the steel version you choose, the bottoms used in all fire pits are 6 mm thick. Very solid elements made of the fire pit guarantee stability on flat surface. Laser-cut patterns on the sides provide a unique design that stands out from other fire pits.

  • Fire pit dimensions: 600 x 600 x 519 mm

  • Material: 4mm / 6mm steel ( thickness optional)

  • Weight: 4 mm – 40 kg / 6 mm – 53 kg

  • Optional “Fenix” (the design with Fenix inscription) “Flame” ( the design with the flame)

  • The grill grate: single, sold separately

  • Free of charge: the cover and bag for the fire pit